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We have finally taken the step into the brave new world of social media with the Rachel Arthur Nutrition facebook page. The first step is to reflect the posts that we add to this site and our newsletter. We will let you guide us as to what you would like to see us do...

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No change in 25(OH) D levels in spite of supplementation?

Scenario: Patient presents with low baseline 25(OH)D levels, let’s say 40 nmol/L and you prescribe a high  dose (e.g. 5000IU/day) bioavailable vitamin D supplement and retest in 3 months but the 25(OH)D levels haven’t improved…what do you do now? Sound familiar?  It...

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Have you checked the children?

Over the last year, I’ve seen paediatric patients with various presentations (alopecia, behavioural issues etc.) whose thyroid results have seemed out of whack e.g. TSH values in the 3s and 4s.  I noticed as well that each pathology company provided a slightly altered...

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Looking into Dis-ease in Women

This week, care of Health Masters, I am delivering the first part of a 3 part webinar called ‘Clinical Case Analyses in Women with Anxiety’. I originally wanted to call this brand new seminar series Dis-ease. The idea was in response to the large number of female...

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The Canary in the Mine – Assessing Androgens in Men

Often I find practitioners are a bit mystified by the male hormonal milieu and their skills at interpreting androgen results are patchy compared with their confidence in female hormone investigation.  Yet, just like in females, understanding the sex hormones is a...

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