I’m a fluoro gal myself.  I take copious notes the old school way, on paper with pen and vast swathes of highlighted sections….I deface research articles much the same way. [And resist drawing moustaches on author pics😆] so I LOVE Ang’s hot tip with her hot tab system in her GIANT exercise book, that she filled (yes FILLED) with notes from our MasterCourse in Comprehensive Diagnostics last year.  Angela Haldane was one of many  people I saw firsthand making the absolute most of the course, applying something we’d just learned immediately in her patients and being rewarded with results 🤩

And now with another ‘EOFY- Lockdown-Cocktail’ upon us, maybe we can put our time to good use with 6 wks of intensive learning & up-skilling that will pop you out the other side of this – with a whole new skillset for patient work-up, prescription development, effective, objective monitoring of treatment & a common ground for us to walk, when we’re communicating about patients, with their GPs.

And there’s just just a week to go til 🐱‍🏍

And whether you’re a Onenote Wonder, a Diagram Diva, or anything outside of a savant, Good News!!!  We are in the process of ‘time-stamping’ these MasterCourse recordings.  That means that whether you have the recordings already, or purchase them in the future as a DIY package or, jump in now while you still have a chance and attend our Weekly Live Watch–Party that kicks off on the 8th Julyover the coming months we will be adding in time-stamps or bookmarks on your powerpoint notes, a la Angela tab style!  This means that you can more easily go back to a particular section of any presentation in the video and find the spot you need to rewatch.  This development was off the back of some lovely feedback we received from a package purchaser, who requested this, or even transcripts….yeah about transcripts…Some of these sessions go for 4 hrs and I speak on average a million words a minute (sligexaggerationion) and we still don’t have software that can understand my accent apparently 🙄  But we know this is going to make life a lot easier for you all because we hear from so many, they have these recordings on high rotation 🤩

This MasterCourse in Diagnostics is a goldmine of information and, as always, we’ll keep working on ways to help you reap even more from your investment! 

Come Dine Out On Diagnostics With Me – Every Thursday Afternoon-Evening!!

Starts on 8 July 2021 at 3.30pm AEST
Every Thursday for 6 weeks.
Each session starts with video presentation
Plus each session has LIVE Q&A with Rachel Arthur

You get to keep the 24+ hours of video presentations in your online account to watch anytime in the future. Bonus video presentations, audio, notes and resources as well. Live Q&A’s will not be recorded.