The Folate Debate – Which Form and When (1.5hr audio)

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Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.


The Folate Debate

Are you experiencing Methylation Madness?! A condition that occurs when you’ve been told so many different things about folate and methylation that you’re now confused about how to treat your patients.  That’s completely understandable in the current context of conflicting messages.  Some people are taking large leaps in interpretation in the context of very patchy & preliminary research. Perhaps things have been made more complicated than necessary.  This webinar is all about getting back to basics – how do the different forms of folate compare, structurally, biologically, therapeutically.  What is the consensus about their real niches and contraindications?  With a secondary focus on how the different forms compare with regard to mental health, this is a webinar not to miss.

Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.



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