Update in Under 30 – Are You Missing Histamine Excess (≤30min Audio)

$25.00 excluding GST

In under 30 minutes, Rachel will summarise everything you need to know about recognising, understanding and correcting Histamine Intolerance.  This audio also comes with a couple of key papers on the topic which are easy to read and will really inspire you about this condition.

Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.


One thing that often masquerades like an IgE allergy, but is not, is histamine excess.  An excess of histamine of course can produce all the same symptoms with itching, swelling, wheeze, rhinitis etc….so how do we get a histamine excess without raised basophils and exposure to allergens?  Well there’s something called ‘Histamine Intolerance’ which refers to an inefficient or overloaded histamine detoxification system, and although well recognised in Europe is not really talked about here.

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