Update in Under 30: Opposing Thyroid Disruptors – Push Pull Patterns (≤30 min audio)

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(Fat is a Goitrogen Part 2)
Why doesn’t everyone affected by adiposity, or inflammation, or even iodine deficiency have an identical HPT response and corresponding TFT pattern? Well that would be because very few patients’ health can be defined and determined by one single element or issue. So too the HPT axis is commonly responding to not only more than one ‘situation’ but often to conflicting ‘top down directives’ as a result of these. And as a critical ‘first responder’, the HPT will do its best to respond to both – so any textbook pattern or extreme shift in results becomes ‘obscured’ by results ‘somewhere in the middle’. The key illustration we dive into in this episode is really an extension of ‘Fat is a Goitrogen’, which looked at excess adiposity as a cause of thyroid dysfunction, not a consequence. This instalment describes the second dominant contrasting pattern that is well documented in these patients. As practitioners it is critical to recognise the story each reveals and use this to direct treatment, redefine ‘success’ in terms of lab results & ultimately achieve better outcomes for thyroid and the total health of that individual.

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