Update in Under 30: The Protein & Potassium Riddle of Ageing – Muscles and Bones (≤30 min audio)

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To prevent or minimise our slow but steady march towards sarcopenia, the need for dietary protein adequacy to fuel muscle maintenance is a no-brainer – but how does ageing affect this?  We get less bang for our buck. We have to eat more, to get the same ‘amount’ but do you know why this is?  Add to this, that also as we age, we experience a greater acid burden from a lower acid dietary load. And given that a higher acid load (PRAL), has been shown to have a negative effect on muscle and bone markers in the past, clearly to ensure optimal health of our bones and muscles as we age, we have a riddle, or two, we need to solve. How do we use Protein and Potassium intakes to benchmark our patient’s diet quality and musculoskeletal risks and can we modify their consumption of either, to drive therapeutic gains in terms of both BMD and muscle?

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