Relax, no one is leaving RAN central – they’ve deadlocked all the doors (!) but I’ve left another online abode I built and time-shared in last year….The Worm Whisperer…which is exclusively focused on educating the public about worms. Not the compost ones, but the ones that like to inhabit us humans and cause so many health conditions that most people, & sadly many practitioners alike, are not aware of. So back to my wormy tale… In 2018  I started up a Facebook page: The Worm Whisperer.  I recognised from the many talks I’d given that there was a need to educate people more about threadworms because the information just wasn’t getting through and affected individuals were basically being grossly medically mismanaged. There are just so many cases where children have been diagnosed with an alphabet soup of physical or behavioural disorders only to discover that chronic treatment refractory threadworms were in fact the culprit. And no…mebendazole is not going to fix that.

Then there are the women, who have had years of sleepless nights and complex disturbing health issues. They visit many different medical & allied practitioners who can’t seem to pinpoint the issue. Or even if the practitioner accurately does diagnose Enterobius they mistakenly use inappropriate anti-parasitic strategies and therefore struggle to get any long-term resolution and reflief. I can’t tell you how many women have discovered The Worm Whisperer Facebook page and told me how they cried with relief when they read the information in our eBook and understood for the first time that this was not in fact ‘all in their head’ and help was on its way.

I’m so glad I started this up. It’s been an amazing privilege to support women, children and whole families from around with world with their worm journey and see such positive results. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg because there are so many more out there being told their pre-pubescent daughter just has ‘thrush’ (impossible by the way in this age group) or referring women to psychologists and telling them they’re ‘hysterical’  (that’s an old chestnut that has made a strong & unwelcome comeback in this area) when they present with myriad symptoms that just don’t fit neatly into other diagnostic boxes.   Anyway, together with the joy of being able to help so many came..who would’ve thought (!)…more and more followers…and more and more work…and well..The Worm Whisperer is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and now it’s time to hand over the baton to a team of people who have the time to focus just on this issue and who are just as passionate about worms as me. So I wanted to let you all know, there is a new team at the helm and I have officially left the (WW) building…but you know…they’re cheeky little blighters…so I’m sure they haven’t left me 😉

Check out The Worm Whisperer Facebook page, support this great Australian initiative and let others know. There is a great eBook, resources and products to treat all worm conditions.