I’ve been asked to speak at the Mental Health, Medicinal Cannabis & Other Nutritional Medicine Conference, on the 20th July in Melbourne, organised by the Global Health Initiative for all health professionals primarily wanting to learn more about this therapy, not just for pain but also psychiatric presentations. Now I reckon a lot of people might have thought this was right up my alley considering I live in the Byron Shire and in such close proximity to Nimbin, but I’ve some news for you, on the recreational side, I’m not a fan!  And I have seen firsthand the unfortunate fallout on people’s mental health.  But I am seriously keen to get up to date about this emerging area, from experts in this field. I’m like the moth to the mental health flame – anything that offers some hope – I’m keen to get close-up.

This one day conference explores the evidence base for using medicinal cannabis in treating a variety of mental health & neurological conditions such as PTSD, depression, Alzheimer’s and more, plus a review of the endocannabinoid system, the delivery methods, pharmacokinetics/dynamics & safety of various forms. All the while, not losing sight of its potential for harm via precipitation of psychosis in the vulnerable.

It sounds like a fascinating examination of the inherent complexity and contradictions of Cannabis. 

I’m hooked already!  Not on cannabis people – but rather, on this topic in terms of the likelihood of it teaching me much that is new and challenges my assumptions.  And what, I hear you ask, is my contribution? Relax, the sativa side of this story is being presented by an impressive list of experts such as Dr Sue Sisley MD, US medicinal cannabis expert,  Prof. Nick Lintzeris, Dr Genevieve Steiner PhD (NICM), Justin Sinclair and GPs with firsthand experience of prescribing for these presentations.  I am in my sweet spot, talking about the role for nutritional medicine in Mental Health management…and I’ve put together a super strength strain just for this conference.

I’m really looking forward to listening to these international speakers and learning myself so I can share this new information in my future blogs & resources with you… Like some other cannabis products, it’s good to pass it around 😉

If you’d like to know more about what is being offered at this conference visit www.globalhealthinitiative.life

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