It is with great excitement & enthusiasm that I’ll be speaking at the second independent Australian Naturopathic Summit being held in Lennox Head, NSW on the 24-26th August 2018. You’ll have to wait until Sunday though…and I’ll be sharing the stage with Dr Nirala Jacobi & Dr Jason Hawrelak. Our group plenary session is titled ‘Your CPE – What Ethics Got to Do with It. During this session we will be exploring how the practitioner may be influenced by subtle and not-so-subtle marketing, disguised as education and ask the question: “Can companies with a commercial interest,  provide ethical and fair education that’s worthy of our CPE” ?

For Australian naturopaths, continuing professional education is most often provided by companies who either supply supplements or services to us. Not dissimilar to our medical colleagues, this presents an inherent conundrum with the risk of bias – from its most simple form: cherry picking research to favourably showcase a product or ingredient without providing a balanced account of the evidence, to its most sinister: manipulation or concealment of less favourable data. How can the astute practitioner glean valuable information and education from a biased presentation?

This year our theme for ANS 2018 is ‘Coming Together On Common Ground’
Naturopathy has many different practices and paths,
but we all work for the same purpose, guided by the same principles.

We have created a jam-packed program to do just that.
ANS 2018 – come join the very best of your profession.

The ANS 2018 program has three distinct themes…

  • Friday 24 August: Custodians of the Vital Force
  • Saturday 25 August: Upskilling Your Clinical Practice
  • Sunday 26 August: The Business of Business Development

The morning of each day consists of plenary sessions followed by a lengthy lunch break that allows for networking, beach walking, guided outdoor meditation, perusing the vendor village, or simply enjoying the festival atmosphere in the Chai tent.  Afternoon sessions are workshop-style, designed to be more interactive. There are plenty of workshops to choose from to keep you riveted and inspired. Check out the program!

Bit of background info….
This Summit is the creation of myself, Nirala Jacobi and Kathryn Simpson, who all individually noticed a big gap in the support available to Naturopaths striving to carve out their careers in a variety of areas (practice, education, medicinal herb growing and manufacture, corporate health, public health etc.). We’ve been working hard over the last year to bring to fruition something that fills this gap & offers a truly unique educational experience and platform for our Naturopathic community.

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