Like all thyroid disease, post-partum thyroid conditions seem to be on the rise – and often they rewrite the rule book when it comes to thyroid pathology & its management. Therefore for many of us it can add an extra element of uncertainty about how to help these clients.

One of our graduate practitioners has a great example of this, a 33yo female who developed late gestational diabetes and is now struggling with a new baby and an autoimmune thyroid disease!  What would you do?  Does post-partum thyroiditis have unique triggers/drivers that require specific treatment? What can you/should you be doing differently because she is still breastfeeding?  What’s the likely progression/prognosis?

This is your invitation to come along and find out the answers to these questions and more.  During our live graduate mentoring session on Monday 15th June at 3.30pm AEST we’ll work through all aspects of the case, from history to presentation and from looking for clues in her pathology results to where to start with treatment.

The 1 ¼ hr session runs via skype and is aimed at practitioners who are new graduates, returning from time away or practitioners who feel they have limited experience in this area.  The session will be directed by Rachel, packed with her insights about the case, but also highly interactive – you can ask as many or as few (!) questions as you like and we’ll even provide you with a recording of the session so you can listen to it again later on and make sure you’ve got everything out of it you need.  Come along and get a taste of a graduate mentoring session and a great case!  If you’re keen to join in you can book online here:

If you have any questions about joining this session you can email us at