Rachel Arthur BHSc BNAT (Hons)

rachelRachel Arthur qualified as a naturopath from Southern School of Natural Therapies in Victoria in 1998.  She has been actively engaged as a naturopath specialising in nutrition since this time in a variety of capacities, including private clinical practice, lecturing, research, writing and corporate health.

In 2009 Rachel completed her thesis, reviewing methods of zinc assessment, at Southern Cross University where she continues to teach nutrition and supervise final year naturopathic students.

Rachel still works in private practice, seeing patients who are referred to her for complex presentations in a range of specialty areas – including mental health,  treatment refractory nutritional issues, immune and digestive problems.
Rachel is most well known for her presenting skills, in particular her ability to translate complex nutritional science into easily accessible concepts using colourful analogies, case studies & tangible clinical illustrations.  Essentially she has a gift for bringing knowledge to life!

Her capacity to keep audiences engaged, stimulated and inspired, while maximising each learning opportunity is renowned. Rachel possesses a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which has accumulated over the years through conscientious attention to research and her ongoing clinical experience.

Over the last 8 years, in her spare time (!), Rachel has been engaged with one of Australia’s leading corporate health providers. This is a role that has seen Rachel deliver seminars to remote mining sites, assess the collective health of large businesses across Australia and design and implement changes within the corporate environment to help improve these the health of the individual and the health of the whole.


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