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  “I’ve listened to the recording of the live mentoring sessions multiple times and sooo sooo much goodness in each session.  I love how your mind works Rachel.  This is also my second year in mentoring and I am so grateful for this safe space to continue to enlarge our thinking.  I learn something new every single time.  I am also loving the update in under 30 – that is also changing my practice with every single listen.  Eg the ones regarding interpreting iron studies and prescribing.  TOTAL GAME CHANGER.  I was a novice in iron prescription kind of going with whatever my patients Dr’s were prescribing but then understood why they were getting such crappy results – both in actual improvements in their iron test results but also negative symptoms.  Honestly, the combination of mentoring with the little individual nuggets in the updates is totally transforming my practice so I’m so grateful. Rachel please keep mentoring forever.  I love it.”

BEK DI MAURO | Functional Nutritionist

Real Cases and Live Discussions with Rachel

Plug yourself into the brains trust! You’ll be connected to other practitioners and together with Rachel’s 21+ years experience, you’ll receive the knowledge and confidence to assess, investigate and manage no matter who and what walks through the door. 


General Group Mentoring is the platform that provides opportunities for active participation etc. with the aim of consistently evolving & improving how we meet your education & professional mentoring needs. With over 10 years Group Mentoring experience, we know what you need…

  • Live sessions are starting in February.  There will be 9 live sessions in 2023 starting Feb and ending November (August no session).
  • Real Case presentations – real cases are vital to the applied learning and this case-based group is in the 4th year of successfully including the ‘fly on the wall’ (non-presenting participants) experience. We’ve been left in no doubt that practitioners loved this and you will continue to learn just as much as those in the ‘hot-seat’. With only limited spots for case presenters, we know you’ll gain so much out of the non-presenting option.
  • FREE Update in Under 30 Subscription is included.  You gain access to the ENTIRE back catalogue of Rachel’s UU30 recordings (30 min podcasts), with a total value of over $2500, and receive a new podcast each month for 12 months. For those mentees who are already current subscribers, when your subscription expires, you’ll get to renew for free!  This provides you with even more of an opportunity to drill down and dig deeper into certain areas that we come across in our session cases and content, expanding your learning in those areas most relevant to you. 
  • 30% discount on ALL Rachel Arthur Nutrition online courses, webinars and audios on our website (not for Group Mentoring payments). When you join the Group Mentoring Program, you will receive a discount code that you can use for all purchases on the RAN website (including MasterCourse I and II).
  • Certificate for CPE Hours


I am so happy my younger graduate Naturopath self had the insight to invest further in my knowledge and skill set and join RAN mentoring. As a baby naturopath of just over 5 years clinical experience, I have been able to grow my confidence in my clinical skills at an exponential rate thanks to mentoring. Rachel, thank you so much for being an amazing mentor and sharing your knowledge with us. I will continue to do group and individual mentoring for the rest of your career! (if you will have me of course).

TESS DOIG | Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner

What We Continue to Deliver

A high level of applied knowledge, our incredible Basecamp platform for communication and support between sessions and Rachel will continue to share her wonderful pearls of knowledge from her 25 years of experience and research.

This personalised program continues to provide integrative nutrition practitioners with monthly sessions of the most accelerated form of post-graduate education and clinically relevant skill development.

  • Personalised approach to helping you ‘gap fill’ your underpinning knowledge & strengthen your clinical skills ‘Achilles’
  • Comprehensive support for all aspects of case analysis, client management & treatment
  • Dynamic detective work and discussions lead by Rachel and contributed to by all mentees
  • Unlimited access to the “BaseCamp” group forum for all mentees and Rachel to connect, share information or resources, and communicate in between sessions. Our group forum platform provides an unprecedented opportunity to follow-up on cases/topics over the course of the year and strengthen collegiality with fellow mentees.
  • Resources you can keep as each session is recorded for you to download and keep. 

Who is The Rachel Arthur Mentorship for?

All integrative nutrition professionals  –  Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Herbalists, Osteopaths, GPs
Professionals who want to gain the most from their CPE time and money
Professionals who want to be at the forefront of cutting edge research and contemporary practice
Professionals who value their education, skills and professional development
Professionals wanting independent, non-biased education
Professionals who want to improve their client outcomes
Professionals wanting to connect with other practitioners

Why Choose Mentoring with Rachel?

Rachel has been successfully running group mentoring for over 10 years, during which time it has continued to grow in popularity.  As testament to this, most mentees make attending these monthly sessions a priority in their CPE calendar, month after month and year after year. While Rachel is perhaps most well known for her presenting skills and in particular, her ability to translate complex science into easily accessible & colourful concepts, importantly Rachel remains an active clinician, seeing referred patients for a wide range of complex presentations. Rachel possesses a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which has accumulated over the years through conscientious attention to research and her ongoing clinical experience.

Here’s what some of our mentees have to say…

What’s included…

  • 9 x  monthly online group mentoring sessions  – One mentee presents a case each month or if the schedule allows, we run open Q & A sessions. For General and Mental Health Applied Groups only.
  • Access the group forum on “Basecamp”– for all mentees and Rachel to connect, share information, and communicate in between sessions.  You can also access the audio recordings of the sessions, the case notes, pathology and links to online resources and related research articles.
  • Audio and Video recordings of every session, posted in Basecamp and are made available to download and keep.
  • Present a case yourself or’fly on the wall’ option. For General and Mental Health Applied Groups only, one mentee presents a case each month or if the schedule allows, we run open Q & A sessions. The most popular option is the ‘fly on the wall’ with only 9 sessions, not everyone needs to present a case, but has the option to participate and ask questions.
  • Access to 30% discount on ALL products on our Rachel Arthur Nutrition website, when you join the group mentoring program you are able to use this discount all year.
  • *Free Update in Under 30 Subscription (*Not for New Graduate Program)
  • Certificate for CPE hours

A preview of Group Mentoring…

Watch the video to give you an idea of what a case-based mentoring session with Rachel is like.


I really appreciate communing with like-minded GP’s and getting questions which have been nagging me for years addressed openly and frankly is just great.  I remain in awe at Rachel’s knowledge, approachability and down to earthiness.

SUE EVANS | General Practitioner




Full Payment: $798.00 ($725.45/ex gst) or
Payment Plan: 4 x $219 ($199.09/ex gst)

*prices may be subject to change


How to join the Rachel Arthur Mentorship Program

To secure your spot NOW, you can join the waiting list for 2024 by filling in the contact form below or sending us an email and we will email the application details to you in October.

Returning Mentees – you automatically qualify for consideration.
New to Mentoring – we’d love to hear from you so we can decide if the program is a good fit for you.
For New Graduates, we have a specially designed program for you. Check out the details here.
Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in quick!