Mental Health Group Mentoring Program

“Honestly, I have to say all of it was valuable.  The info re neurotransmitters, pathology,
questionnaires – truly brilliant. Changed the way I practice!” 

Chris Hibbert | Mental Health Mentee & Naturopath


Priming Your Practice for Mental Health

Mental Health Group Mentoring gives you skills and knowledge needed to really help patients with their mental health…that are as a) important as anything in a bottle and b) help the ‘bottles’ work better and c) direct you to the best ‘bottle’ in the first place. This 9 month program is a great way to develop your confidence in Mental Health and the bonus with these sessions is you’ll find your tribe, gain support and radically build your toolkit through…

  • Monthly meet-ups online via Zoom with a group of like-minded practitioners with a special interest in mental health
  • Sharing of multiple Mental Health resources via our online locked learning platform.
  • Unlimited access to the “BaseCamp” group forum for all mentees and Rachel to connect, share information or resources, and communicate in between sessions. Our group forum platform provides an unprecedented opportunity to follow-up on cases/topics over the course of the year and strengthen collegiality with fellow mentees.
  • Free Update in Under 30 Subscription and discount voucher to purchase any of Rachel’s online courses to support your learning.

 ” “Over the last 20 years I’ve had an ongoing special interest in Mental Health and have seen a lot of patients who present with various psychological & psychiatric concerns. We have so much to offer  these patients & some great options in our dispensary, however, there are inherent complexities and challenges – none more so than really being able to accurately assess and address the very unique combination of each person’s biopsychosocial contributions as well as the red flags that require referral”

– Rachel Arthur

Two Options – Topic Based or Case Based Mentoring

Mental Health Primer Group


The Mental Health Primer Group provides you with a dedicated, focussed & supported opportunity to revise and refine your care of patients with all mental health concerns. A safe & supervised space for sharpening old skills and your existing knowledge, while learning & applying exciting new ones – such as psychometric assessments, pathology interpretation through a mental health lens, in-depth discussions about individualised prescribing that answer many of the questions we can’t find elsewhere

Our Mental Health Primer Mentoring Group is topic based and here are some of the ones we cover…

  • Safety – Keeping You & Them Safe

  • Where Are We Now? – An Update on Mental Health from an Integrative Medicine Perspective

  • What Drives Us Toward & Away from Mental Health?
  • Questions and Case Taking Skills – The Best Ones for Identifying Mental Health Drivers
  • Mental Health Assessment Tools
  • Interpretation of Labs through a Mental Health Lens Part 1
  • Interpretation of Labs through a Mental Health Lens MH1 part 2
  • What Helps Us? – Detailed discussion & update on key prescriptions 
  • Antidepressant Withdrawal Discontinuation Syndrome & Best Support Practices
  • Depression Case From The Ground Up

    Mental Health Applied Group


    This group is for practitioners who already have completed our Mental Health Primer program or have significant knowledge & experience in this area and are looking to take their mental health skillset to a new level. This group will help you fortify and build upon what you already know and increase your confidence when working with clients who present with myriad mental health issues & shared care arrangements. This group consists of practitioners from mixed disciplines: naturopathy, nutrition, IM GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists so we can draw from our collective knowledge base and experience, while familiarising ourselves with a ‘team approach’. Can you see yourself in this collective?

    Real cases are vital to the applied learning and this case-based group is in the 3rd year of successfully including the ‘fly on the wall’ (non-presenting participants) experience. We’ve been left in no doubt that practitioners love this and you will continue to learn just as much as those in the ‘hot-(presenting)-seat’. With only limited spots for case presenters, we know you’ll gain so much out of the non-presenting option.

    A key to this group’s broader appeal & greater depth to our discussions is the role, Kate Worsfold (Nutritional Psychologist), fulfils as co-chair. In 2021 we had 6 case presentations and 4 lecture-style sessions on the following topics.

    • What’s New In Integrative Mental Health
    • Sex Hormones and Mental Health
    • Eating Disorders
    • CAM Treatment Updates

    “I really love the cases and listening and seeing how you interpret complicated presentations and methodically break them down in a way that digs down to the core/genesis of the issues. It helps me to provide more laser focus to my own complicated cases with your guidance. Love the mind maps! Thank you for all your energy, incredible knowledge and enthusiasm in skilfully educating me  in a way that makes difficult cases easier to understand!”

    – Deborah Miller

    What We Deliver?

    • 9 live sessions – with a February start there are only 9 sessions of live delivered content, with the last session now in October.
    • Recordings from all the live sessions are available for you to watch anytime and download.
    • BONUS Update in Under 30 – 12 month Subscription* – It’s a vast value-add library that gives you the option to dig down and dig deeper into those topics Rachel touches on in cased-based sessions but simply can’t cover as comprehensively in the time available.  Now, at the end of each session, we’ll provide the links to the relevant additional recordings and incredible RAN resources, which will now all be at your fingertips…and for free! If you’re already a subscriber, you will get a year for free at the expiration of your current subscription and get continued access without interruption and without it costing you a cent more. 
    • A 30% discount for ALL Rachel Arthur Nutrition products on our website . When you join the Group Mentoring Program, you will receive a discount code that you can use for any and all purchases on Rachel’s website throughout 2022.
    • Certificate for CPE Hours – at the end of the year we provide CPE Certificates.


    Why Choose Mentoring with Rachel?

    Rachel has been successfully running group mentoring for over 10 years, during which time it has continued to grow in popularity.  As testament to this, most mentees make attending these monthly sessions a priority in their CPE calendar, month after month and year after year. While Rachel is perhaps most well known for her presenting skills and in particular, her ability to translate complex science into easily accessible & colourful concepts, importantly Rachel remains an active clinician, seeing referred patients for a wide range of complex presentations. Rachel possesses a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which has accumulated over the years through conscientious attention to research and her ongoing clinical experience.


    MENTAL HEALTH PRIMER – $998+GST or Payment Plan: 4 x $275+GST
    MENTAL HEALTH APPLIED – $898+GST or Payment Plan: 4 x $247+GST

    *Prices may be subject to change


    How to join the Rachel Arthur Mentorship Program

    To secure your spot Now, you can join the waiting list for 2023 by filling in the contact form below or sending us an email and we will email the application details to you in November.

    Returning Mentees – you automatically qualify for consideration.
    New to Mentoring – we’d love to hear from you so we can decide if the program is a good fit for you.
    For New Graduates, we have a specially designed program for you. Check out the details here.
    Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in quick!