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Sorry if I’ve been quiet for while but I promise have been very very busy!  The Australian Naturopathic Summit is getting tantalisingly (& frighteningly!!) close, and I’m just back from a great  Aus/NZ tour with Professor Vormann talking my heart out about Acid Base Balance.  Now we’re in full flight organising the final details of our Access the Experts Webinar series in July and just this morning, I was chatting with William Ferguson, my most impacting personal mentor, who is presenting the first webinar on 7th July.

Actually while I was chatting with William I wanted to scream…’Oh my goodness! Everyone has to hear this!!’ 

Every conversation with William is bursting with clinical gems. I feel so privileged to know him and to be on the receiving end of his knowledge.  With over 30 years clinical experience managing depressed clients, he has developed a truly unique model of identifying and addressing the key biochemical drivers for each patient and then redressing these with treatments that are evidence based, but perhaps more importantly, clinical outcomes based.  What you might not know is that William doesn’t often present outside of medical conferences – so it is a rare and special opportunity.

Where my knowledge ends, William’s takes off in terms of epigenetics, SNPs and methylation and the impact of these on depression and other psychiatric conditions. A lot of what he has to say will surprise you – not only because it challenges many of the out of date ideas being thrown around by so-called experts but also because it is immediately clinically relevant.  He’s road tested these ideas for you and can say – this works, this doesn’t.

Anyway…just had to share this outburst with you because I was truly bursting with excitement during our chat, desperate to let you all know – don’t miss this one!!

“Access the Experts with Rachel Arthur” is a webinar series focusing on the best of Mental Health Education.  Rachel interviews four hand-picked guest speakers about a particular area of expertise in Mental Health. Each is a clinician with years of experience (from a psychologist to a GP to psychiatrists) who Rachel has worked with and/or been mentored by and she is thrilled that these interviews create an avenue to share their incredible & very practical knowledge with a wider audience. Webinar 1:  July 7th at 7pm (AEST)