We’ve got a Brand New Specialist Mentoring Group starting up in 2018!  Due to a growing number of medical doctors participating in individual mentoring and our group program we have decided to offer a group entirely dedicated to integrative doctors or any medical doctor interested in incorporating wellness models and nutritional interventions into their practice.  Across all of the mentoring groups I always try and ensure a ‘good fit’ for participants, with shared levels of experience, areas of interest wherever possible and over the years of mentoring doctors, I have come to appreciate there are unique educational needs and a clinical context that is clearly distinct from the naturopathic practice model and reality. So, this new 1hr our monthly online meet up with like minded doctors across the globe to go over cases, offers us an opportunity to meet your mentoring needs in the best way possible and truly accelerate your knowledge and skills in integrative medicine.

When & Where does the Group Meet?

We ‘meet’ online at the same time (12pm AEST/AEDT) on the same day (last Wednesday) of every month for 1 hour

What’s Presented in Each Session?

Practitioners present their cases in a rotating fashion across the year.  The work-up of each case will include pathology interpretation, identification of other key clinical questions to be asked and specific additional assessments, drug-nutrient interaction review, discussion of naturopathic differentials & a proposed integrative management model. Ideally (dependent on final group numbers) these case based sessions will be interspersed with several open Q&A sessions during which Rachel can answer key questions you have in any given area & follow up on previously presented cases.

Where Can You Get More Information?

Click here and if you’re a medical doctor and you’re interested in being a part of this dynamic specialist group for next year email us ASAP at admin@rachelarthur.com.au to secure one of the few remaining places.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rachel is one of the most outstanding clinicians of our time. 
Her knowledge of nutritional biochemistry and its clinical application is exceptional, and her authentically inquisitive teaching style is second to none. She’s always just a little ahead of the curve with trends and education concepts: her knowledge is extensive and her recommendations practical and firmly grounded in experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Rachel’s guidance – both as a Clinical mentor and Business mentor – over the past several years. During this time my respect for her has amplified exponentially. There is no-one I could recommend more highly. Rachel’s input to my own growth has contributed significantly to my success plus my personal enjoyment of my career, and I am a better clinician for having chosen her as my Mentor. 
Tabitha McIntosh, June 2017