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Ever wondered where on earth (or Mars?!) I came from?  As much as I can’t keep quiet on some topics, my personal journey to here has been a bit of closed book to many.  Recently during an interview with Andrew Whitfield-Cook from FxMedicine, which was supposed to be strictly about postgraduate education paths and the desperate need for mentoring, internships etc for naturopaths, the sneaky devil got me to spill the beans on a whole lot more!  

Having been involved in so many aspects of naturopathic and integrative health care education over the past 15 years, of course I do have a lot of ideas about how practitioners can best accelerate their learning and development, the need for more independent education and the importance of fostering critical thinking.  

I think you already know that I feel passionately about this but do you know the whole story?  Who I have been mentored by and how I continue to tread the path of the ‘student’?

My interview is now available as a free podcast that you can listen to here. In this podcast I spill the beans on how important it is for me to share my 2 decades worth of experience (ouch!), not just for the benefit of you, the clinician but for all the individuals sitting in front of you. Andrew asks some great questions, such as, ‘Have you always been a rebel, Rachel?!’ and you get to hear a little about my own journey from the seeds of my childhood that helped me make the decision to pursue this career path, through to teacher and now mentor…but the eternal student as well. Check out the FxMedicine podcast “The Value of Naturopathic Mentoring with Rachel Arthur”.

Have you put your name down on the waiting list for 2018 group mentoring? Read here for more information on the programme.

Applications open October 30, but you can put your name down first by emailing today.