Especially given I am now a relic, my original training not quite pre-industrial revolution but pre-specialisation obsession.  So that once I started seeing paying patients I just saw, and have seen…everyone. And because our patients always drive our desire for new knowledge and skills, I have therefore taken particular interests in & accordingly read the extra research pertaining to a whole variety of different systems, conditions and presentations etc. that I have then been able to share with others as part of my contribution to education.

From addiction medicine to worms and from paediatrics to, oh gosh, I even did a national speaking tour once on men’s health…because my clinic, at that time, was full of them too!

That’s what working in general practice can offer – exposure to so many aspects of health and a rich diversity of practice.  I know it’s an unpopular opinion these days – it seems like every graduate is encouraged to specialise before the ink is even dry on their certificate!! And I absolutely LOVE having colleagues who most certainly are specialists to refer patients to.  But general family nats and nuts are becoming an endangered species along the way and I am not sure that’s necessary or even ideal each individual practitioner or the profession as a whole. Anyhoo that isn’t what I’m supposed to be writing about 🙄 but rather the totally terrifying experience of going BACK to your old stuff now everyone got so gaddam smart & specialised!!😱

Just today I got brave and I listened to my 2 Update and Under 30 episodes on how to support a healthy vaginal microbiome circa 2016.  Trust me, in this bold new era of Moira and her Vagiversity🍑 I was shaking in my boots because she is SO good and SO clever and crikey SO much has changed for women’s reproductive and urogenital health in 7 years….we have CUPS and PERIOD PANTS and red blood on the ads for pads (wooohooo what a win🤪). We talk about sex and non-heteronormative sex [gasp] and TOYS and and and…are you feeling me?

But the thing, it turns out, that doesn’t change in 7 years is the merit of doing your research well.  Although sometimes science does a complete 180° [I’m thinking high dose B6 and UL] most of the time the core of a condition, our understanding of that, our representation or articulation of that – remains solid over the coming years ..if it stands on solid foundations = LOADS of GOOD QUALITY RESEARCH.  Just so you know. I didn’t do little ‘b’ brave I did BIG B Brave – because I listened to some Moira magic first and then…oh yeah…replayed my old eps immediately afterwards! And you know what, there are a few small things I’d love to whip over with my whiteout because new research has new answers but on the whole it is SOLID. It still stands.  So much so…that for my group case this week which is a vaginal dysbiosis one – I was like PHEW! I DO know something about this still…and men’s testosterone issues and kids threadworm infestations and metabolic acidosis & ageing and pregnancy and and and…cos I am a generalist who does my research.

Listen to those Update in Under 30 Podcast episodes mentioned here:

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