When I grow up I’d like to be a few different things, forget any ballerina or astronaut aspirations, my list includes a clinical psychologist, an integrative psychiatrist and last but by no means least, an endocrinologist.  I’m fascinated by hormones, their regulation & incredible interconnectedness and the longer I’m in practice and the more patients I see with hormonal issues, the deeper I dive into the endocrinology texts (Endocrinology by Greenspan & Baxter is an absolute favourite of mine and you can now purchase this as a download to your computer which is super handy).  I think a lot of naturopaths are good at recognising some classic endocrine conditions but I’m finding a lot more atypical presentations & conditions in recent years…things like… hypothyroidism due to an underactive pituitary rather than any autoimmune or major nutritional issues…and adrenal problems that go beyond what you and I would call adrenal alarm or fatigue into some serious pathologies such as Addison’s disease & Cushing’s.  The big thing to be aware of is that these cases are not just tricky for us – these patients often come to us because no one else has been able to establish a diagnosis, let alone solve the riddle and that’s where I feel naturopaths & endocrinology make such a good combo..because we’ve been trained to think outside the box, to go back to basics and reconstruct every case from the ground up.  Recently I pulled my accumulated knowledge together to deliver a 1.5hr lecture on Advanced Adrenal & Thyroid Assessment which takes you back through the basics (we can ALWAYS learn more about reconnecting the dots when we know the dots inside and out!) and then into a wide range atypical presentations, more complex work-ups & thinking outside the box scenarios.  Apparently it got some good reviews 😉

“Can’t ever get enough info on thyroid & related endocrine issues as so commonly seen in practice & good to have as much knowledge as possible at hand re: testing/interpreting results. Huge thank you Rachel.”

“As always a brilliant presentation Rachel.  Succinct, to the point and packed full of fabulous USABLE information.  Could listen all night.”

 If you missed it and you’re interested, you can now purchase the CD recording of  Advanced Adrenal & Thyroid Assessment  from the website at: https://rachelarthur.com.au/product/new-advanced-thyroid-adrenal-assessment/

Let’s keep breaking new ground…here come the naturopathic endocrinologists! 🙂