RAN Internship
When I was studying my undergraduate I sat at the front of the class, especially for the medical sciences.  My chemistry lecturer tried to talk me into transferring to chemistry.  My biochemistry lecturer tried to convince me to become a biochemist.  But what I loved was the union of the two: medical sciences and naturopathy.  As a student I hogged all Q and A opportunities and I am confident I annoyed many many people.  If this sounds familiar, not because you were a classmate and I still annoy you (!), but because you could also be labelled a ‘lab lover’, a ‘pathology perv’ and an EBM evangelist…then this might just be for you.  You can find out by answering these Qs…

Q1: Did you excel at the medical sciences when you did your training?

Q2: But wait…can you translate this into basic accessible language? 

Q3: Do you have great communication and good writing skills?

I have been incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful & clever people work with me, often plucked from the front rows of the classrooms I have taught in and now we are casting the net further, offering internship opportunities to naturopathic or nutrition graduates, focusing on research, writing and development. 

If you answered ‘YES!’ to all the above then…read on

Key details about these internships:

  • Internships will run from December 2017 – March 2018 (4mo) and can be completed at a distance (reliable internet contact is required).

The internship includes:

  • Direct contact and individual mentoring with Rachel Arthur
  • Focussed learning in research and technical writing
  • Access to Rachel Arthur Nutrition educational resources
  • Dynamic group learning & support
  • Small stipend

Click here more information and details on how to apply.  Applications close 30th September 2017.