In the not too distant past, were you wearing your Sunday-best when you were ceremoniously handed a special piece of paper to say, ‘You’re officially qualified to see patients!’ And did you, or have you since then thought…’Wow! Really?!’ Does the certificate come with my favourite clinic supervisors to boot??’ So where to from here? You’ve got all this incredible knowledge, ideas and motivation bubbling around and having that first, or maybe the tenth, client sit in front of you, it can suddenly seem like you need a bunch of completely new skills or that the gems, which you know are gems, are harder to apply in practice because patients come in such challenging packages. So many things going on in each individual, such incredibly complexity, the antithesis of a ‘one size fits all’ model – does it feel a bit like you are  performing trapeze without a net? 

Taking the leap into practice can be a Grand Canyon-esque  one for most.

Developing practical systems that support you in the real world as opposed to help you pass exams – is a whole different objective.

Patients not paper cases. Time now = Money

But why should we all be out there doing this in isolation? 

Trying to figure out where to start, where the best information and resources are, what are some tools that are going to rock your practice that have already been created and are available for your use this should be a five year path of rocky self-discovery. Ok there are still going to be some rocks but perhaps going completely barefoot is not the best idea! 😉

The New Graduate Group Mentoring Program will give you an advantage, help you to grow as a professional and take the edge off being a newbie! This way you are able to set yourself and your clients up to succeed! Oh, we can her you exhale just a little already, knowing that you could have people supporting you through this transition, who understand exactly where you’re at! You’ll be creating your own collegiate group by having what feels like your own pit crew, cheer squad, research team, your sounding board, and yes some serious clinic supervision in your corner, as well as access to an extensive library of knowledge, resources and experience. (OMG! Wishing I had this when I stepped out into the big wide world those 20 years ago)

This group is designed specifically for the new (or newish) practitioner, with a combination of tutorials and active participation. You’ll be able to bring your own clinic cases, patient pathology results, referral letters etc into these interactive sessions and take home assignments to work on.  “Oh Yay,’ we hear you say…I was so going to miss the homework! You will also be learning how to:

  • Develop Mind Maps – the best ones will write the prescription for you
  • Develop patient timelines that help establish causality
  • Get yourself started with reading basic Pathology results.
  • Write a referral letter for doctors and other health practitioners
  • Know what patient screening tools and questionnaires to use.
  • Learn supplement sleuthing to easily compare your treatment options.
  • Get friendly with patient driven research using real world tips and being shown the best online resources.

Plus it contributes to your CPE points while building a support system around you.

This is an investment in you – building your reputation, skills and your clientele.
Oh and this is just not all talk here….just listen to some of our current mentees – check out Georgie’s video who went from “nervous newbie to confident and capable practitioner in 1 year” or listen to Tess’s video testimonial “I always come away from those sessions with so much more knowledge. Always apply straight away to clinic”.

Drop us an email at to get yourself on the list for this specific group offering in 2019.  Applications open 15th October and close mid-November.
Find out what all the goodies you get with the New Graduate Group Mentoring Program here.