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“Access the Experts with Rachel Arthur” is a month long intensive webinar series focusing on the best of Mental Health Education. Every Thursday night for the month of July, Rachel will be interviewing a hand-picked guest speaker about a particular area of expertise in Mental Health.

Each speaker is a clinician with years of experience (from a psychologist, to a GP, to psychiatrists) who Rachel has worked with and/or been mentored by and she is thrilled that these interviews create an avenue to share their incredible & very practical knowledge with a wider audience.

Rachel’s role as the interviewer will be a feature of the webinar series – ensuring you get the best of each speaker; translating the complex into easy-to-understand concepts and clinically relevant content that you can start applying immediately.

Webinar 1 – Dr William Ferguson (MBCHb, BHB, Dip Obs, FRNZCGP)
“Combining pharmaceutical, complementary and genetic approaches to depression – the brave new frontier of individualised treatment”

Webinar 2 – Dr Robert Bransfield (MD,DLFAPA)  
“Infectious drivers of psychiatric illness  – the latest on best practice assessment & management”

Webinar 3 – Kate Worsfold (B.Psych (Hons1), M.Clin Psych (cand.), Post Grad & Adv Dip Nut Med, Adv Dip Nat)
“Working on the edge – extremely healthy eating, orthorexia or another eating disorder?  How to tell the difference and what to do from there”

Webinar 4 – Dr Azita Moradi (MBBS, MPM, FRANZCP)
“Solving the riddle of behavioural change in our patients: How to use neuroscience to help our clients change unhealthy behaviours & habits when it’s most difficult to do”

Each live interview will run for 1.25hrs, which will include live Q&A  where you get to “Access the Experts” and pick the experts’ brains directly!

Purchase your ticket now for the webinar package which includes FOUR live webinars on:

  • July 7th at 7pm (AEST)
  • July 14th at 7pm (AEST)
  • July 21st at 7pm (AEST)
  • July 28th at 7pm (AEST)

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