You may have already heard whispers about some great things happening in our Group Mentoring program next year but it’s ok we can hear your silent screams!! The ones that say, ‘BUT WE LOVE IT  ALREADY!’…or…’But next year was my year to finally find out what everyone else has been talking about!’  Nobody panic.We’re absolutely continuing to offer our regular groups mentoring in its current format AND adding some amazing extras, increased resource sharing, a system for supplement sleuthing, structured follow up on client case presentations and bonus Update in Under 30 discounts to help you drill deeper into particular topics (just to name a few).

But don’t listen to us!  What would we know??!

Just listen to Tess Doig who’s been in our group program for 5 years!!

She’s one straight-talkin’ sister and she reckons group mentoring is the bomb in terms of saving your clients money, developing discernment so that the latest: product, test, other bright sparkling thing, and increasing your skills in solid, sensible, sophisticated naturopathic practice. So getting plugged into 11 other practitioners and Rachel’s brain can give you theknowledge and confidence no matter who walks through the door. Group Mentoring is fast becoming a popular choice (going by all the expressions of interest coming in for 2019) and could be an integrative part of your practice.  As Tess shares in her video below I would pay a million dollars for her brain but instead I just pay for my mentoring which is just as good.” Whether it is her case or other practitioners throughout the year, she always comes away from the sessions with so much more knowledge that she can always apply straight away to her clinic. 

Watch her full testimonial here.

So next year when you sign up, you will continue to receive live monthly sessions on your cases and facilitated by Rachel, with each session an opportunity to take the leap from theory to application in a safe place, supported by similarly skilled practitioners,  while using the incredible Basecamp platform for communication and support between sessions.  We just couldn’t help but add some further touches for 2019:

  • Zoom – we’re looking at moving to Zoom as the platform for delivering the case presentation sessions – simpler, easier to use.   And we can record the video as well as the audio for you to watch later.
  • Structured follow up on client case presentations – New format to follow up on how the client is going after the session – what’s working, and what’s happening now?  Sharing ideas and discussing the outcomes.
  • 30% discount on Update in Under 30 Subscriptions (UU30) when you join the Group Mentoring Program.  Having access to the additional information from UU30 while participating in the Group Mentoring program is a huge bonus.  When certain topics arise in each of your the case presentations, you can then go and listen to the relevant podcast to drill down deeper and build on your knowledge in that area at your own pace and leisure.
  • Serious Supplement Sleuthing – Introducing some very exciting tools to help you better discern between supplement choices for patients
  • Certificate of Mentoring Hours for your CPE points at the completion of the year


We’d love to have you join us. Only two weeks until registrations open, so send us an email on to let us know your interested and be on the list to receive more information on how to apply on 15 October.