A Guide to Gilbert’s Package (1.5 hours audio + resources)

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Get the complete Set of Gilbert’s Update in Under 30’s – Value $112.50 (save $22.50)
Everything to do with Gilbert’s in one package!

The Set includes:

  • Gilbert’s Girls
  • Gilbert’s Guts
  • Gilberts: New Goals & Good News


Here’s a description of each session…

Gilbert’s Girls (<30 mins audio)

Once you learn about the biochemistry of bilirubin and the impact of impaired glucuronidation the associated health issues all make sense.  Is it possible that some of your patients have Gilbert’s syndrome? Absolutely!  Its prevalence in our population is fairly high and it frequently goes unrecognised / undiagnosed, so watch out for a pattern of elevated (>20 umol/L) Total bilirubin levels in your patients’ results and keep in mind it could be Gilberts.


Gilbert’s Guts (<30 mins audio)

Gilbert’s syndrome presents in many different shapes and forms in our patients and frequently with a ‘digestive component’ that is incredibly hard to pin down. Often dismissed as IBS by medicos or misattributed to complex food reactions by patients, the true cause often eludes patients. In this recording, we summarise the links between impaired glucuronidation, impaired bilirubin excretion and digestive disturbance, and outline the 7 core treatment objectives and the best interventions to get the Gilbert Gut Good!


Gilbert’s: New Goals & Good News (<30 mins audio)

The news from the research frontier in Gilbert’s Syndrome is nothing short of thrilling, rewriting our thoughts on what medications and supplements (!!) are the most problematic, significantly improved dietary management of these clients, how to track their progress more accurately and why completely normalising their bilirubin is not the goal…hey did someone say…longer telomeres?! 😉 Included are kickass desktop clinical reference that comes with this months UU30 that aids a better understanding and clear treatment directives in your GS patients.

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