Comprehensive Identification & Assessment of Thyroid Dysfunction (1.5hr Audio & Notes)

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This product is no longer available. MasterCourse II: Thyroid will be delivered live starting May 2022. It is recommended to complete MasterCourse I: Comprehensive Diagnostics prior to MasterCourse II

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Identification & Assessment of Thyroid Dysfunction (Audio 1.5hr)

Here’s the most up to date information on how to accurately assess thyroid – when to ask for what & how to interpret each finding. Rachel covers the key thyroid parameters both functional & autoimmune (TSH, T4, T3, rT3, TPO, TgAbs, TRAB).  As well as the most accurate methods of assessing relevant thyroid nutrients: iodine & selenium & a genuinely game-changing insight on interpretation of these .  Finally she pulls all the individual parameters together to illustrate common patterns of thyroid imbalance – making it as easy 1-2-3!


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