Update in Under 30 – Leaving Anti-depressants Behind (≤30min Audio)

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Helping patients off anti-depressants is a challenging and important function that must be initiated by the patient with the full support of the prescribing practitioner. Rachel walks you through the range of solutions available and when they should be employed.


Available as Audio streaming and PDF notes.

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Never our call to make, but with 1 in 8 Australians at any time taking antidepressants, playing a supportive role for patients wishing to discontinue their antidepressant medication is common.  So what do we know, about how to really do this well, what to expect and how to perhaps mitigate some of the bumps that might lie ahead.  What in our artillery should we go in armed with either during the discontinuation or, better still, beforehand?  This Update in Under 30 outline the key principles of patient prescriptions in this context and may assist patients, in their desire to truly leave the antidepressants behind.

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