Update in Under 30: Eczema – In a Pickle with Nickel (≤30 min audio)

$37.50 excluding GST


Nickel, the most common metal allergen worldwide, is presenting in our clinics cloaked in many disguises: the refractory ‘irritated’ gut, recurring cracked corners of the mouth and cheilitis, idiopathic urogenital symptoms and a wide variety of skin complaints, including ‘eczema’. This is a case summary of a 37yo female presenting with ‘all of the above’ and more. We unpack the clues, the chronology of the disease progression – examine her original and perpetuating risks and discuss the very latest research that, at last, documents the damage caused by Ni-Allergic Contact Mucositis (ACM) to GIT structure and function, as well as new evidence for improved management. For those new to Nickel allergy this is a total eye-opener and for those of us with Nickel already firmly on our radar, this pulls no punches in what we’ve been getting wrong in our approach to management.

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