Practitioners have been bringing their most challenging cases to me for mentoring & supervision for over a decade, that’s hundreds, in fact, probably thousands, of cases, tempting me to say, therefore I’ve seen ‘everything’. Except of course I haven’t. And each new case helps reinforce that and the utter uniqueness of everyone’s experience of health & disease.

From each & every case, no matter how unusual, remarkable, uncommon, exotic some or all of their experience and story, once we’ve asked the key clarifying questions that often prove to be ‘diamond diagnostics’, constructed a comprehensive timeline, suddenly bringing to the forefront: their disease chronology, causation & contributors, analysed their pathology for insights far beyond what a patient or their diagnoses can ever speak to, and then completed the work-up by incorporating all of this information into the step by step construction of a MindMap…
🤓We all leave each session with truckloads of new info & skills to apply to our own patients🤓

But some cases have even more to teach us than others.  Occasionally, when I’m neck-deep in working up one of these cases and I think, ‘Wow! Every single health professional needs to hear this!’ It could be any condition, any cluster of conditions, their story might involve prior successful management as well as failures, the case may be ‘cracked’ wide open by the labs – whatever the mix – some patient stories are just the ultimate teaching tool, offering us a huge hand-up in terms of our clinical competence & practice prowess.  Now after thinking this for over a decade, I just couldn’t let these cases go without a bigger audience – the time has come to put them in front of as many of you guys as possible.

And this comes in the form of, Cracking the Case, our new-look group mentoring offering for 2024.

This ‘feels’ like the group mentoring experience that I am known for.  Each month, you will have access to the detailed case notes, timeline and labs etc. provided by the treating practitioner ahead of the session. And during our zoom, I will take you through a comprehensive synthesis and work-up, all the way through to the prescription, plus their response, additional new labs etc where available. How is it different?  I have pre-recorded my work-up which we will watch together, so you get the ‘Rachel in stereo’ experience, as in,  I will be able to answer all your questions, in real time, as you post them in the chatbox, as well as facilitate a post-presentation discussion to ensure everyone has optimised their learning from the case. This will also enable us to spend more time answering questions you may have around the rationale for each element of the prescription, talk product selection specifics and offer additional concrete advice in relation to monitoring and future management. And these hand-picked cases are the 💣 – did I mention that?!

I am so excited  and I can’t wait to see you online in February so we can Crack the Case together! 🤓🤯

Cracking the Case Feb-June 2024

Plug yourself into the brains trust of Rachel’s years of extensive experience in clinic and mentoring via monthly real cases, their comprehensive work-up & with ample opportunity to have your questions answered during each session. Each case discussion will take you through a process of clarifying questions, timeline construction, pathology interpretation, prescription formulation as well as any necessary condition and system specific knowledge. These cases are hand-picked to maximise the learning and applicability to general practice for all.