I promised I would keep all you fellow desk workers posted. Over 6 months has passed since I started standing for work….and I LOVE IT! 

Here are the pros I can wax lyrically about so far:

  • Back ache from long days at the computer, gone…seriously
  • I am more energised about coming to work, starting work, staying at work…because I am not sitting! YAY! I move around…everyone I meet with on Skype will vouch for that!
  • I am fitter & stronger as a result of standing for approx. 35hrs a week ( I know this because it took a while to develop this…after the first 2 slightly grueling weeks!)
  • At the end of a long day/week, my mental fatigue and physical fatigue finally match – which means I am no longer brain-dead but in desperate need of a run around the block! The previous mismatch used to make winding down etc hard
  • I get to actually walk my constant talk to patients about being active, avoiding sitting etc. Soooooo much better than sitting there for client after client and saying…’you know you really should move more!’
  • And at the end of a big day…sitting never felt so good…it’s been restored as the luxury item it should be 😉

Here are the cons I can also attest to:

  • Anyone with strong shoe values or vanities need not apply…I am now permanently (almost) in supportive sneakers for work
  • The now-necessary-work-fitness you build, can disappear over the holidays!  Seriously.  A couple of weeks off and I had to retrain myself to stand all day…sheesh…but the break-in period was much shorter..yay!
  • Standing all day really does not work when you have a weight bearing injury like a knee or ankle…
  • You should return to sitting if you’re unwell…I learnt this one quickly too – forget about the ridiculous notion of soldiering on and conserve your energy!
  • My patients love to hear & observe me doing it…but we haven’t quite mastered the standing consult where they stand with me….tips anyone?

So in the above scenarios..of course…waalaa… I just lower my desk and sit like I used toI’m thrilled I made the change, who else has taken the leap or has some a review to share?

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