I shared this recently on socials but for those of us that don’t hang around that ‘hood I am sharing again here because it is just too important. While we’re busy updating our knowledge regarding reproductive health for women (soooo many huge headlines of late!)…ahhhhh…this might be something we all want to read!🤓
This thought-provoking review challenges the long held assumption that oestrogen is at the root of much breast cancer causation. Instead it creates the case for PROGESTERONE as the actual source of oncogenesis 🤯 and relegates oestrogen to merely (but monstrously) fanning the flames.
Now before anyone panics (?too late 😯) you need to read the article in its entirety – esp this not being about demonstrable differences in measurable P4 levels – and keep in mind that this hypothesis, though well argued and supported by evidence also from trans-gender individuals, is not currently a consensus. BUT what I think it does really well is SHAKE THE TREE🌴🥥 and prompt us to challenge our own biases and blind-spots. For far too long in IM Oestrogen has been made out to be the baddy. I too am guilty of having done that. And Progesterone everyone’s saviour! Of course there are a lot of PMDD sufferers who have good grounds to punch us for even suggesting this.
But of late – many of my peers have helped remediate oestrogen’s reputation and put us back on a more balanced path – I am thinking of @Sandra Villella especially here.
Who straight away responded to my post  regarding this on socials, “I just got back from the Australasian menopause Congress in Queenstown, and the different types of exogenous progestogens are certainly implicated in breast cancer.”  And then generously shared some of the  hot off the press slides and stats from the Australasian Menopause Society.

In a nutshell she says, “Breast cancer increases with age and with increased time of use and those increases are greater when Progesterone is included in the MHT prescription”
And whoah…maybe we all need to rethink all the pro-progesterone prescribing…dare I say?!
Btw – the article implies that having anovulatory cycles might actually be protective too!! 🤯🤯
Not my normal space and speciality area but I keep finding these gems in women’s hormonal & repro health and I feel a duty of care to share!

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