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No Patch on Iodine Testing

    Whenever I talk to practitioners about thyroid health, like I recently did at MINDD, I can guarantee I’m going to get 2 questions: Shouldn’t we aim for the high iodine intake of Japanese? Can we use the patch test for testing iodine levels in our...

Skip the Spin & Just Kiss

I’ve been given a lot to think about.  With ACNEM Science of Nutrition Conference and then MINDD both this last week, I’ve heard a lot.  Not all of it good, useful or accurate of course.  ‘Beware the Spin!’ I would say to anyone wondering how...

Fearlessly…or fearfully (?!) entering Twitterland

I was typing notes furiously throughout the ACNEM Science of Nutrition conference last weekend. So many gems, so many gems, from researchers & clinicians – I just got so much out of it. I love the slightly awkward mismatch between the research world, aka...