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Retinol – Feared or Forgotten?

  I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Vitamin A but this has grown again in the last year or so, having seen some great responses to short term high dose treatment during active infections or when trying to break a cycle of chronic reinfection.  For me, and...

Eating Disordered Patients – But Not As You Know Them?

  I think most of us visualise the clearly malnourished young woman, when we think of eating disorders however, while anorexia nervosa is something to be on the watch for, our patients are presenting increasingly with more unusual, atypical patterns of disordered...

There’s Nothing Alive in this Kitchen!

From the giddy holiday highs to the lows!  As you know we kicked off these school holidays with a birthday celebration at Stradbroke Island…time travel forward just a short distance to the end of school holidays and you’ll find us we’ve now taken up...