We are looking at establishing a Mental Health Focus Group to support practitioners in mastering the maze of mental health. This is such a growing health issue, with a recent survey of Australian doctors identifying psychological issues as the number one presenting complaint in general practice and one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experiencing a mental illness in any year. It is likely all health practitioners are witnessing a similar shift…but not everyone chooses to work in this complex area of health.  Some practitioners might refer these clients, or only deal with this when it’s not the primary issue, and this is understandable, often appropriate and ok. For those integrative health professionals, however, working predominantly with mental health presentations, our need for specialist knowledge, skills, supervision and support jumps exponentially. How could we support one another’s practice and therefore the patients, in this capacity?

Over the last 16 years I’ve had a special interest in Mental Health and have seen a lot of patients who present with this as their primary issue. We have so much to offer mental health in our dispensary that we can use, however, there are inherent complexities and challenges – none more so than really being able to identify the ‘red flags’ and knowing when you are not the ‘right tool for the job’

If it sounds like I am talking your talk and speaking directly to you, then I am. And this is your opportunity to let me know you’re interested so that we can continue to work towards establishing such a group. We are looking for practitioners who already have significant knowledge in this area and are looking to take their mental health skills and experience to a new level. This group will help you get building on what you already know and help you gain more confidence when working with clients who present with myriad mental health issues. Ideally we are hoping to attract practitioners from mixed disciplines: naturopathy, nutrition, IM GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists so that we can draw from our collective knowledge base and experience while familiarising ourselves with a ‘team approach’, so essential to mental health management.  Can you see yourself in this collective?

“I really love the cases and listening and seeing how you interpret complicated presentations and methodically break them down in a way that digs down to the core/genesis of the issues. It helps me to provide more laser focus to my own complicated cases with your guidance. Love the mind maps! Thank you for all your energy, incredible knowledge and enthusiasm in skilfully educating me  in a way that makes difficult cases easier to understand!” – Deborah Miller

There are so many great things about being part of a formal peer group focusing on Mental Health including:

  • Monthly hour- long meet-ups online via Zoom with a group of like-minded practitioners with a special interest in mental health
  • Opportunities to present your own case – and receive guidance on all aspects: from diagnosis to management
  • Structured follow up on client case presentations – in 2019 we’re introducing a new format to follow up on how the client is going after the session – what’s working, and what’s happening now?  Sharing ideas and discussing the outcomes.
  • Sharing of multiple resources via our online locked learning platform
  • This will be a self-selecting group, so once you’ve applied to being part of this group for 2019, you will be committed for the full 12 months.
  • Serious Supplement Sleuthing – Introducing some very exciting tools to help you better discern between supplement choices for patients
  • Certificate of Mentoring Hours for your CPE points at the completion of the year

For more information on Group Mentoring and how to apply click here.
Express your interest now by sending us an email on admin@rachelarthur.com.au!


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