It’s no secret I am in the midst of some serious deep-diving through the micronutrient evidence base & at a depth of about 30 metres I struck Boron!  Don’t yawn! I saw that.  Thinking, ‘boring’, when we hear, ‘Boron’, is almost as bankable as watching everyone reach for their water bottles when you mention anything hydration-related 🤣 But I am here to restore your positive regard for this mineral and remediate its bad (& boring) rep! In preparation for the Nutrient Prescriber’s Program we started each nutrient review with the seminal contemporary nutritional texts and then launched ourselves headlong into the latest & greatest research. By the end of all the Boron bits in all my trusty texts the yawn was not gorn! But the moment I started reading the research I was like, ‘Are we even talking about the same thing?!’ Turns out we’re not 😵🤦‍♀️

You see Boron has been a longstanding victim of identity theft.
What we’ve been lead to believe is Boron is weed-killer and ant-poison and look it does give us some of the benefits of Boron but not all.
And it possess a pharmacokinetic & toxicity profile that naturally occurring Boron simply does not.

Who decided that the Boron that is ubiquitous in our environment but almost exclusively consumed by us only after biotransformation by plants  – could just skip that last bit and still be safe and optimally beneficial?!  Probably the same guy that came up with folic acid, may I suggest? Anyway, enough is enough.  We all need to relearn Boron – naturally occurring Boron – in the form of Sugar Borate Esters (SBE)- the evidence of benefits for which will blow all of our little minds! Well it certainly blew mine!  Looks like this natural form of Boron is going to hit the Australian market in the not-too-distant-future 🐦 can’t wait to see which supplier is sufficiently progressive and research-aware that they bring this to market, having been available as a high grade supplement, employed in numerous RCTS OS for some time.  But this little Update in Under 30 is not waiting around for that release date – there is much to be gained from SBEs right now – so make some noise as the real Boron at last takes the stage!🎤

 The Boron Deception: How We’ve Been Fooled

Boron has been the victim of longstanding identity theft and we unknowingly have been interacting with its imposter.  Contrary to everything you’ve ever been told about this mineral, naturally occurring Boron is full to overflowing with benefits for our gut, our bones, our brain, our management of other minerals and is safe in large quantities. That ‘bad guy Boron’ you were introduced to and is still present in many of your supplements is a form we never consume in food…and therein lies a world of difference! Come meet the real Boron so you and your patients can get the real benefits!


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