It’s quite the meme of the moment and while I completely get the sentiment behind its original meaning, my take is a little different:

Results in Practice 2021!
How were yours?

Here were some of ours from the cases presented in group mentoring:

💪 We correctly identified hyperparathyroidism in several presentations of GIT, mood & musculoskeletal concerns (remember bones, stones, groans & moans?) with good response to targeted doses of D & Ca

🎯 We correctly identified BAD in a patient with ‘refractory IBS-D’ for decades – who responded well to lowering her fat intake & other support

🧐 We determined HFE mutations were present & a pathophysiological player all over the place – with presentations from psych to fatigue

🤯 We stumbled across several cases of concurrent Gilbert Syndrome & PCOS –  ‘mixed messages’ in both labs & presentations – which research now suggests may be related! & should change the way we treat these PCOS patients e.g. not with CHO restriction!

But the best result of all – arguably was the growth we got to witness in all our mentees – from those in our New Graduate Program:

“I truly appreciate your compassionate way of lifting everyone up whilst stretching our brain gently to build up on knowledge, and confidence. You have such beautiful skills in navigating us  – how you treat us all helped to restore my trust in this industry/naturopaths and myself 😅 so huge thank you 🙏❤️‍🔥”
Reiko Fujike-Stirling | New Graduate Group Mentoring 2021

…to those dedicated practitioners working to build their competency & confidence in mental health:

“There’s so much to learn and stay on top of in terms of new information, I realise it is important for developing integrity and how I practice. Having a mentor, like Rachel, who I can rely on who is super on top of what’s going on in research in Mental Health. Someone I can rely on for very accurate and practical information that keeps me on my toes and challenges me and is practical for my clients.
Doing mentoring and learning how to refine my understanding of case taking, mental health screening / testing, treatments and just really deepening my understanding has ignited a passion in me as a practitioner.
Rachel presents everything so brilliantly and practically.  Thanks so much Rachel, the content and everything is just brilliant.”
Steven Judge, Naturopath, Nutrition & Herbalist | Mental Health Group Mentoring 2021

We’re sharing some of our ‘Conversations with our Community’ via our social platforms at the moment – it’s such a joy to listen to each individual practitioner’s journey…and we might end on just such a note here courtesy of Amanda Astrop – another ‘survivor and thriver’ from our 2021 New Graduate Program:


Want to join me next year so we can make RIP 2022 mean something far more positive?? Email us at, before the 22nd November, to tell us your needs, wants and desires (educational only of course 😅) & we’ll find the right group for you 🙂

Our Group Mentoring Options for 2022
* indicate UU30 subscription included

  • New Graduate – great opportunity for New Grads to build confidence as they leap from student to practitioner, or for practitioners wanting to refresh their core clinical skills such as MindMaps, Pathology, Case Taking etc
  • General – our regular case presentation groups, with one practitioner presenting a case each month, or just listen in.
  • Mental Health Primer – topic based to build on your knowledge in the role of naturopathic medicine in Mental Health – from screening tools to key management issues, specialist diagnostics and beyond.
  • Mental Health Applied – this group will help you fortify and build upon what you already know and increase your confidence when working with clients who present with myriad mental health issues & shared care arrangements.  This is a case presentation group, with one practitioner presenting a case each month, or just listen in.