How much?
How often?
When is the best time & timing? do you know about friends, foes and frenemies?
Which form, when? e.g. building blocks or bioactives?

And for how long? aka are we there yet…?

These are the kind of questions that one would imagine nutritional prescribers can always answer – but can you?  Yet this is the goal, right? So that with each and every unique individual who needs supplements – we have a clear, consistent go-to framework to guide & direct these prescriptions.  One that makes scientific sense, offers optimal outcomes and removes the uncertainty. 

From my interactions with thousands of practitioners, however, I know many of these key questions plague practitioners & they feel, at times, as if they’re flying without a net, or without a strong systematic approach, or at the very least without all the answers to these questions.

I’ve had so much good fortune & so many others to thank for providing me with this foundation. Fay Paxton – my nutrition lecturer in my under-grad who indoctrinated me with a systematic approach.  Dr. Tini Gruner –  my principal supervisor at SCU, who shared & further fuelled my passion for biochemistry and reading labs to extract insights into each individual.  And thanks also to all the pharmacists I’ve delivered education to over the years, who, as a result of their grounding in the principles of pharmacokinetics, always ask the best questions – questions that if I don’t know the answer I know I need to know the answer!  So I made it my mission to find out!

While we dip into these aspects of nutritional prescribing in our regular mentoring groups on an ‘as needs’ basis, I’ve decided the time has come to create a year-long program dedicated to sharing this information and building this skill-set in practitioners.

This monthly meet-up is delivered live (max 1.5hr) and runs from Feb to November with the following currently proposed format *subject to change dependent upon the needs of the group

  • Feb Factors Affecting: digestion, absorption (host, form, dose)
  • March  What happens to what gets left behind?  e.g. enhanced enterocyte micronutrient concentrations & their effects plus unabsorbed nutrients & their interactions with the colonic environment
  • April What happens to what’s absorbed e.g. distribution, hierarchy of needs, activation and deactivation
  • May  The pharmacokinetics of prescribing
  • June Where do our ideas on dosing come from? e.g. Physiological Vs Pharmacological dosing & actions. The basis & believability of maximal intake boundaries?
  • July  Bioefficacy V Bioequivalence.  Beyond building block nutrients:  Is ‘Bio’ (-active, -peptides, -materials) always better?  e.g. GABA Vs Glycine, NAC Vs GSH, PLP Vs Pyridoxine, Niacin Vs Niacinamide riboside
    ——————————————————————Aug month off—————————————————————————
  • Sept  How often & for how long?  Are we there yet? And how would we know? Plus Fast Vs Slow Nutritional therapeutics
  • Oct Strategies for Supplement Success e.g. friends, foes and frenemies in nutrition underpinning principles with examples; compliance changers for clients
  • Nov Live attendance & opportunity to participate in a case-based mentoring session


This monthly ‘live’ meet up will be delivered as part of 2023 Group Mentoring as The Nutritional Prescribing Program
Group Mentoring applications open 17 October 2022.

To join the waiting list and be notified when applications are open, email the team at [email protected]

Find out more about what groups are available for Group Mentoring in 2023 here.