Intestinal Worms – Impacts on Health and Overall Wellbeing (1hr Video)

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Are you faced with families coming undone because of one child’s behaviour – whether that’s aggression, emotional lability or just serious sleep problems? Are you treating patients with recurrent or treatment-resistant Dientamoeba fragilis?
Enterobius vermicularis is more commonly known as Threadworm and is a pervasive issue that remains frequently mis- or un-diagnosed in children and adults. In this 1 hour presentation we will look at chronic manifestations, how threadworms negatively impact health across the board. We look at the very latest research not just on the impact of these sometimes insidious infestations but also the very latest on complementary medicine treatments and the potentially important role for pharmaceuticals. As practitioners, we don’t currently have all the solutions but we need to keep the conversation going, as we continue to encounter patients with pervasive problems that can bring the world and wellbeing of a little one (and their family) quite undone.  This is the final (fingers crossed!) instalment on the topic of Enterobius from Rachel and constitutes the culmination of all the years of research & experience, into her most detailed discussion yet.