The Big SAMe Rethink Package (1.5hr audios)

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This is 3  Episodes of Update in Under 30’s packaged together…

The Big SAMe Rethink PART 1
Do you feel like you need to pick a SAMe side? Researchers and clinicians, alike, seem divided in their opinion about its therapeutic capacity and certainly its safety. One side are the ‘naysayers’: ‘SAMe can’t possibly be effective for both depression and in hepatobiliary conditions and and and’.  Keeping them company are the ‘doomsayers’, preaching danger and destruction should we prescribe this ‘universal methyl donor’.  But the other camp can seem just as fanatical and far-fetched at times: ‘it’s good for just about everything with zero safety concerns’.  The divide and differences come down to origins of evidence and, once again, the truth lay somewhere in the middle. This new information on SAMe’s behaviour as a supplement will prompt you to rethink so much of what you thought you knew, whatever side you’re on!

The Big SAMe Rethink PART 2
In part 1 we established where a lot of the misunderstanding originates with SAMe, in particular from lab-based research that has little-no relevance regarding the effects of taking SAMe as a supplement, given what we now understand about its behaviour in the body. In this instalment we go on to examine the evidence that led to the mistaken belief that SAMe was not safe in combination with pharmaceutical antidepressants and explore what the real safety concerns are with respect to its use in mental health patients.  This audio comes with a great resource that helps you to both prescribe and supervise the taking of SAMe in your depressed patients, minimising risk and optimising outcomes.

The Big SAMe Rethink PART 3
In part one, we discovered the pro-drug nature of SAMe, revealing why evidence obtained from in vitro evidence can not be used to support either favourable claims or warnings.  In the 2nd instalment we examined up close the misunderstandings about SAMe use in conjunction with antidepressants and clarified the real causes for concern in mental health clients.  In this 3rd and final part we dissect claims and ideas about the success or safety of SAMe as a supplement with respect to methylation genetics and stages of pregnancy. All up this is indeed one BIG SAMe rethink that we reshape and reinspire you about its prescription.

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