Update in Under 30 – Is Threadworm the Missing Link in Dientamoeba Patients? (≤30 min audio)

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Are you seeing more and more cases of Dientamoeba fragilis? Is it increasingly recurring or altogether treatment resistant in some patients Is that because this parasite is becoming more common in our external environment, our homes, our food, our water, or the result of  the increased frequency and sensitivity of the stool tests are patients are undergoing? There’s yet another possibility you now need to consider: that the missing link is another creepy critter acting as a vector…that until now we haven’t paid enough attention to.  This missing piece of the ‘D.frag Why me? Why me, again?!’ puzzle can help you resolve the Dientamoeba and at the same time, provide a much broader more holisitic understanding of your patients’ additional multi-organism gut neighbourhood and their whole health burden.

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