This mentoring community that I am a part of, I absolutely love and together we make good companions on this road that too often we often find ourselves travelling In isolation. So I wanted to put together this little fun video here to get across that mentoring isn’t about a conversation between just two people. It might feel that way when you are in a mentoring session with me but there is so much more connected to this one conversation and this video shows the bigger picture!

Over the years I’ve received amazing feedback on my mentoring services and the perception that my knowledge is really huge!! Yes I am a journal junkie and I do have 20+ years practice under my belt but…I believe a good mentor has their own mentors. Your mentors may change over the time to strengthen different skills sets and it’s knowing where to look for answers, how to always apply critical thinking and developing your own brains trust.

I am privileged to be able to share what I have learnt, so the mentoring I continue to receive, benefits everyone I mentor. Whenever I mentor someone, whether it’s individually or in a group, I am not just relying on what I’ve been taught or what I have managed to come across firsthand, especially when I get a doozie of a question or a condition that I have never personally encountered in practice! Then the sharing circle continues as the practitioners I mentor are more than likely passing on this with other practitioners – strengthening our collective knowledge and our profession.

So if being part of the community excites you and if the thought of learning and benefiting from a collective knowledge base that is strong and pulls on expertise outside of our own, now’s the time to join the conversation through Group Mentoring. 

In 2019, in addition to our tried, trusted and applauded regular group mentoring format, we are introducing some new specialists groups – one for practitioners working extensively in Mental Health and another online program for New Graduates.

Read all about it here or email to let us know you are interested.