OH YES!!…we are rolling out a ‘new look’ for RAN Group Mentoring in 2019. We’re not losing any of the good stuff!, so don’t panic! We are keeping everything that so many practitioners love from the past 6 years of Rachel’s group mentoring (wow..have I been doing it for that long??!?) and simply improving the formula, with some great new features for 2019. We’ve received some great input from our mentees, who have been immersing themselves in the RAN experience over the past 12 months, and as a result of their generous feedback and insights we are fine-tuning our program to offer some great new features so it will be even bigger & better next year!

Check out these improvements for 2019:

  • Structured follow up on client case presentations – New format to follow up on how the client is going after the session – what’s working, and what’s happening now?  Sharing ideas and discussing the outcomes.
  • 30% discount on Update in Under 30 Subscriptions (UU30) when you join the Group Mentoring Program.  Having the access to the additional information from UU30 when also participating in the Group Mentoring program is a huge bonus.  When certain topics arise in each of your the case presentations, you can then go and listen to the relevant podcast to drill down deeper and build on your knowledge in that area at your own pace and leisure.
  • Zoom – we’re looking at moving to Zoom as the platform for delivering the case presentation sessions – simpler, easier to use.   And we can record the video as well as the audio for you to watch later.
  • Serious Supplement Sleuthing – Introducing some very exciting tools to help you better discern between supplement choices for patients
  • Certificate of Mentoring Hours for your CPE points at the completion of the year

And don’t forget some of the offerings our Group Mentoring already reliably provides – the high level of applied knowledge, our incredible Basecamp platform for communication and support between sessions and our ongoing sharing of pearls of knowledge from my 20+ years of experience and research together with the collective wisdom and know-how of each group.

“I’m loving the group! I get so much out of each session – things that I can put into practice straight away, whether it be an actual treatment approach or a different angle on a similar case, or applying a little of the outside-the-square thinking that I’m learning each month, especially related to pathology results and expected versus optimal results when interpreted in light of a specific case. Such a unique service that you offer for us praccies – very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.” – Georgie Stephen


Information on how to apply will be released soon, to find out more click here.
Join the waiting list now so you won’t miss out by sending us an email on admin@rachelarthur.com.au.

“Rachel is a wealth of information, she has such a knack for breaking down cases. All case presentations no matter how complex are nicely deconstructed into bite sized bits of information that’s easy to digest and take away and put into practice. This mentorship program is worth its weight in gold, it shows you how to deconstruct cases, develop knowledge, gain greater clinical insights and you’ve got a fabulous base of other knowledge practitioners you can ask questions. Can’t wait for the rest of the cases! And you can count me in as a second year mentee next year.” – Megan Maitland