Honey for a night-time cough

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are a normal part of childhood that often disturb sleep, parents and children alike, but a simple dose of honey may just be the remedy needed.  A recent study published in Pediatrics (Aug 6 2012) has confirmed that honey is more effective than placebo in controlling nocturnal cough and poor sleep in children with URTI. (more…)

Snoring kids may need help

Parents should be aware persistent snoring is not normal in children and should be investigated. Researchers, whose results appeared in the journal Pediatrics May 2012 found that two- and three-year olds who snored loudly at least a couple of times per week tended to have more behavioural problems, especially hyperactivity, depression and inattention.


Limitations of serum B12 testing

The limitations of serum B12 testing have been reported for some time.

When testing for deficiency, Serum B12 does not give an accurate picture unless there is an overt deficiency and even then not consistently.  This is because the majority (approx.70%) of B12 in the blood is attached to haptocorrin, which is unable to enter cells, and is termed inactive B12 (Lloyd-Write et al 2003).