Don’t find yourself sad come November 15th when we close applications for Group Mentoring in 2019!! You still have a week left to to jump in! (if you haven’t already) and make this investment in building  your incredible naturopathic skill-set and subsequently, your clientele.

So let’s recap what your group mentoring options are for 2019… Which one will you choose?

Nothing ‘standard’ about being in this group. You’ll be plugged into 11 other practitioners and together with Rachel’s brain, you’ll receive the knowledge and confidence to assess, investigate and manage no matter who and what walks through the door. We are adding some enhancements to our already successful formula –  structured follow up on client cases presentations; a 30% discount on Update in Under 30 Subscription; using Zoom platform; serious supplement sleuthing; and CPE Certificates. (read more)

I would pay a million dollars for her brain but instead I just pay
for my mentoring which is just as good.” –


The New Graduate Group Mentoring Program will give you an exceptional advantage, help you to grow as a professional and take some serious edge off being a newbie! This way you’re able to set yourself and your clients up to succeed! This group is designed specifically for the new (or newish) practitioner, with a combination of tutorials and active participation. You’ll be able to bring your own clinic case, patient pathology results, referral letters etc into these interactive sessions and take home mini-assignments to work on. (read more)

“I went from nervous newbie to confident and capable practitioner in 1 year” – Georgie


This group will help you get building on what you already know and help you gain more confidence when working with clients who present with myriad mental health issues. We’ve attracted practitioners from mixed disciplines: naturopathy, nutrition, IM GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists so that we can draw from our collective knowledge base and clinical experience while familiarising ourselves with a ‘team approach’, so essential to mental health management. (read more)

“I really love the cases and listening and seeing how you interpret complicated presentations and methodically break them down in a way that digs down to the core/genesis of the issues.” – Deborah


But Wait There’s More!!….. If you work in a clinic environment and have a team of practitioners (minimum of 5), you can have your own monthly mentoring sessions that best supports your clinic.
Email us at for more information.


Can you see yourself in one or more of these groups? 

Just a couple of important friendly reminders…

  • In those groups involving case presentations, you can present any kind of condition EXCEPT (!!) patient who present with fertility concerns and cancer diagnosis – for these two areas there are better mentors, who specialise in these areas, out there and so these cases are not suitable for the RAN groups
  • The Mental Health and New Graduates Groups are self-selecting, we’re happy to give you input now, help you to be better informed about each group, but ultimately you make the call about which group seems the best fit for you and we’re then unable to shift groups…so once you’ve signed up for these, you are committed for the 12 months


Time is running out to be a part of Group Mentoring in 2019!
Group Mentoring is fast becoming a popular choice (going by the landslide of expressions of interest coming in for 2019!) and could be an integrative part of your practice & your career progression.

Applications close on 15 November, so make sure you complete the registrations form by sending us an email at


“Certainly picking up some great pearls with the biochemistry. Love the research papers you add in after each case. I’ve also started using your flow charts helps put everything in perspective. Every case presented teaches and guides me. They also remind me what I do know and have forgotten. Being mentored builds confidence with those difficult cases. Thanks so much.” – Joanne