Update in Under 30: Individualising Adiposity (≤30 min audio)

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The debasing of BMI as a stand-alone assessment of weight is long overdue given its significant limitations and lack of meaningfulness with respect to overall health. This coincides with a bigger societal and cultural shift towards inclusivity which involves redressing bias against people with diverse body sizes and compositions. And how do we, as integrative health professionals, continue to uphold our principles of prevention and treating the cause when excess adiposity may be a very real contributor? While ensuring we ‘see’ and treat each individual in front of us, not our assumptions about adiposity? Pathology results are nothing if not personal, and contrary to what you might think, they reveal the real story of each individual’s adipose impacts. In this recording, I describe 3 steps to adjusting our lens for adiposity: This comes with a great desktop reference and a bonus quick case study to demonstrate its application.

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