Update in Under 30: The Big SAMe Rethink Part 1 (≤30 min audio)

$37.50 excluding GST


Do you feel like you need to pick a SAMe side? Researchers and clinicians, alike, seem divided in their opinion about its therapeutic capacity and certainly its safety. One side are the ‘naysayers’: ‘SAMe can’t possibly be effective for both depression and in hepatobiliary conditions and and and’.  Keeping them company are the ‘doomsayers’, preaching danger and destruction should we prescribe this ‘universal methyl donor’.  But the other camp can seem just as fanatical and far-fetched at times: ‘it’s good for just about everything with zero safety concerns’.  The divide and differences come down to origins of evidence and, once again, the truth lay somewhere in the middle. This new information on SAMe’s behaviour as a supplement will prompt you to rethink so much of what you thought you knew, whatever side you’re on!

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