Blowing Over On A UBT

A few months back I seriously ‘blew over’. Not on an RBT but on a UBT (Urea Breath Test).¬† In spite of it being not the kind of test you want to score top marks for, my result was in the high 2000s, when all I needed was around 800 to confirm, and anything over 50 to be suspicious, that Helicobacter pylori had taken up residence in my stomach lining. I tell you, I knew it when I blew it! ūüėȬ† After ingesting the radioactive urea and waiting to blow up my sampling balloon, I felt like I could still fill a room full of balloons with all the gas being produced in my stomach and those balloons, I imagined, would all rise to the ceiling as if full of helium! Yep…I burped all the way home, which was representative of what I’d been experiencing daily for a month beforehand and what lead me to get the test done.

But initially, it wasn’t so clear.¬†

The very first symptom I experienced was a sudden onset of severe tightness around my throat that lasted for minutes but started to happen multiple times in a day.¬† one panic.¬† Together with a strange sensation of ‘extreme emptiness’ in my stomach on waking or delayed meals, and then mild nausea both with an empty and full stomach…only some days or weeks later the fabulously-unprecedented-&-socially-adorable-burping started, proper.

So a month or so later, I’ve solved my own mystery.¬† Happy? Not in the least…where the heck have I picked up H.pylori from? Yes…that’s what I said because it had to come from somewhere people…right?¬† ¬†I think there is much we have misunderstood about this bacteria with an incredibly long and interesting human history.¬† Animals don’t and can’t carry this bacteria.¬† The evidence suggests that it can’t survive for very long in the environment either (approx 4 days) but that is long enough to get into our food and water and maybe even onto shared chopsticks…just saying (listen in to hear the lowdown on all these and more!)¬†Essentially hoomans are the traffickers,¬†people!¬† In fact one of the things that surprises people the most is the very high prevalence in young children and the clusters of positive tests & identical strains within families…but once you learn a little more about this bacteria…it won’t surprise you at all. (more…)

One Small Step For Our Clients?

When I look back over how I’ve raised my kids there are a few serious ‘what tha…’ moments – like the time I thought shopping with a child in rollerskates was doable…I mean she loved those rollerskates and she was amazingly agile and good…just not quite¬†good enough to hold onto that 1L Biodynamic Yoghurt sufficiently…who knew?!¬† Dietary wise, I can look back and be critical in hindsight about different details, the contents of our fridge and pantry have morphed over the years with my changing knowledge (money & time!) but there are a few things I can confidently say – ‘Nailed it’, accompanied by a fist pump!¬† We’re all meat eaters, not carnivores by any stretch of the imagination but we do partake, however the kids and I were just reflecting the other day on the absolute constancy of legumes in our life. (I know you want CCTV footage of our dinner time chats now don’t you ūüėČ )¬† There would rarely be a day in our house without them…several times!

Now I sound like I’m showing off but trust me it’s not that impressive or exotic – it goes a little something like this:¬† soup,(split red lentils or cannellini),¬† bolognaise & lasagne (1:4 brown lentils with the meat), nachos for school lunches (kidney beans 4:1 with mince), falafel & hummus (chick peas) & tofu (my kids¬†love¬†this stuff for snacks often & for mains at least once a week).

Ok now everyone relax,¬† I don’t make our own almond milk, grow our own vegetables or ferment stuff…see…it’s swings & roundabouts ūüėČ (more…)

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Not Even for Besties

I have a good friend…who happens to be a naturopath…who happens to also be a patient of mine.¬† Have you got a few of these as well? A month ago,¬† looking over her recent bloods which included fasting lipids that had been steadily climbing for the last couple of years, post-menopause, she said, ‘do you think I should take something for that?’ Ahhhhhh no. My reasoning went like this:

“You love saturated fat right? You eat butter and cheese and and and…and the type of elevated lipid pattern you have LOOKS like it is at least partially the result of this, your triglycerides are low, your HDLs are good it’s just this LDL component that is too high.¬† You could add in another supplement…and take it…forever…or you could do a little n=1 experiment and just lower your butter, cheese & coconut oil intake for a month and repeat the test.”

The horror on her face! You see I didn’t know exactly how¬†much she loved butter but it all became clear with the first text a few hours after I had thrown down the gauntlet…which included a sobbing emoji and the comment that her afternoon snack will never be the same…turns out it was a shortbread biscuit with butter on it!!! But as a practitioner who does pride herself on walking the talk…off she went determined to give it a good go for a month.¬†¬†But boy did it hurt! (more…)

Batmania here I come…

No, I haven’t gone crazy for the ‘caped crusader’… but I thought that would get your attention…. oh look it did! ūüėČ
I‚Äôm off to Melbourne for the ACNEM Conference May 5-6th and Batmania was one of the interim names of this very cool and happenin’ town before it became known as Melbourne in 1837! Things have certainly changed in nutrition and the environment since then and as practitioners we now need to address sometimes very complex dynamics between genes, gut, nutrition and environmental health.¬† Which, luckily enough this conference is all about!
This year’s theme for ACNEM is Health for Life РMastering the Integrated Approach. 
I am fortunate to be included in the exceptional speaker line-up (thanks for lovely sentiments many of you have expressed so far about that ūüôā ) I am presenting on ageing..which many of you know that I am suddenly now very interested in…getting old and all.


It’s Landed At Last! Aka ‘Kids’ Guts Can Be Mental’ [ft. Threadworm] Recording

Standing at the podium, I looked down at my notes & slowly read out the title of my presentation to the hundreds of people attending, ‘Paediatric Digestive Issues & Neurocognitive Abnormalities’¬†and briefly froze thinking, Holy Heck (!) this is someone else’s presentation!¬† Seriously. No, this is not one of my work stress dreams.¬† This happened. I thought…oh my how am I going to deliver this, it sounds very complex and lofty and scary!!

Then I saw my scribbled hand notes on the page,¬†the unofficial name I had affectionately given this presentation as I researched, compiled my case studies and brought it into being, months prior and I instantly relaxed…oh…Kids’ Guts Are Mental…now that I have some serious experience with and something to say about! (more…)

It Won’t Happen Overnight but it Will Happen


…Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that is!¬†That’s the ad we really need broadcast on prime time tv.¬† On par with osteoporosis and other conditions that ‘seemingly appear out of nowhere’ in people’s 60s and beyond, there’s a potent combination of ignorance (patients) and denial (health professionals) at play it seems, when it comes to discussing the earliest signs of CKD that typically start decades before you’ll ever get a ‘diagnosis’. Being specialists in preventative health care – this is something we need to have firmly on our radar in terms of early identification¬†and also in our repertoire when it comes to risk reduction.¬† Most of us know about water intake and all the medical risks for renal impairment but are we equally onto the critical role that mild acidosis plays in driving this condition?

It’s not just me. Promise.

Check this out. (more…)

Hypothyroid Without a Trace?


Another young female presents in my clinic with a newly diagnosed thyroid cancer and has been recommended urgent thyroidectomy. ¬†Her story is increasingly common. If you’re not seeing it in your clinic, you will, because thyroid cancer, and almost exclusively papillary thyroid carcinoma (the form¬†my patient and most young patients have), is dramatically increasing. ¬†Since the 1970s there has been a 67% increase in the incidence in women and a 48% increase in men documented in 5 continents (Peterson et al 2012). ¬†Australia, though less up to date with its data collection, found a similar increase between 1982-1997 (Burgess 2002). The question begging to be answered is why.

Increased screening and more effective detection of smaller tumours was the going¬†theory for years. ¬†New research rejects this absolutely and concludes instead this is a ‘true increase in occurrence’. ¬†Increased radiation exposure? ¬†Mutation studies say¬†no. ¬†Many researchers are pointing to is a ‘new environmental chemical and/or dietary factor’ and EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) that target the thyroid such as perchlorates, phthalates, parabens and phenols are the likely suspects. And, more than likely, with iodine deficiency to explain the increased susceptibility to these EDCs.

But wait there’s more. These ‘new goitrogens’ aren’t only implicated in thyroid cancer, a large number of human studies confirm the higher your urinary metabolites of these, the lower your thyroid function. More worryingly is that they might be doing this ‘without a trace’. With myriad impacts at the receptor level, altered hormone¬†excretion rates, impaired peripheral conversion etc. the data to date suggest these patients TFT results might only look ‘slightly low’ or even ‘normal’ but the reality is they are suffering hypothyroidism. Sound familiar?

There is a HUGE body of scientific evidence we can pull from to understand the role of EDCs in thyroid problems in our patients, how to maximise prevention and minimise impact – even when your patient, like mine, is perhaps already in the full¬†grip of the consequences.¬† I’ve read all the papers and summarised them in this 30min recording:¬† Hypothyroid without a trace – the role of EDCs.

Have you got patients with hypothyroid symptoms but normal results? ¬†Or results that suggest the HPT axis just seems to be broken? Could it be the result of a combination of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)? How do you assess¬†¬†for¬†these ‘new goitrogens’, which act more potently and more insidiously, inducing hypothyroidism ‘without a trace’. How do you maximise prevention for all of your clients and the most at risk sub-populations or minimise impact for those already in the full grip of their consequences.
This latest Update in Under 30 audio comes with 3 key related scientific articles and a bonus larger powerpoint presentation that Rachel presented at the ASLM 2017 conference.

We Have A Winner… Among Many!

dang sarah

Last week I threw down¬†a challenge.¬† Following on from the ruffling of many feathers regarding Jason Hawrelak’s report that dietary saturated fat increases uptake of endotoxins from the gut,¬† I provided his¬†reference list in support of¬†this claim, effectively saying, “if you don’t like his findings, then make your own informed conclusions but make sure you read¬†all the evidence first”.¬†¬†I offered a prize to everyone who made an attempt and a year’s free subscription to Update in Under 30, to the person who produced arguably the best summary.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, and again, and again:¬†Our professional community abounds with extraordinary individuals.¬†

People’s response to this challenge proved that once again. (more…)

Does Saturated Fat Increase the Uptake of Endotoxins?

Jason ASLM

In an ASLM¬†Tweet I shared this weekend, I mentioned our own ‘Gut Guru’, Jason Hawrelak reported dietary saturated fat (including coconut oil) increases GIT endotoxin uptake and boy did that stir the pot!¬† The social media switchboard lit up! It’s ok I know there isn’t a switchboard anymore…but I am old school ūüėČ ¬†This got just about everybody talking on Twitter & Facebook…and thinking out there in the real world…which is good, right? ¬†And if you read to the end you will find prizes galore for those of you that want to add to this discussion ūüôā (more…)

1 Egg, 1 Banana


I’ve been travelling a lot for work lately, so in my absence my teens have been under the influence of others and as a result they’ve returned with new & improved habits. ¬†This one is gold:

1 egg  + 1 banana

beat egg & add to mashed banana

pour into a hot pan, coated with small amount of oil

flip and serve with youghurt and fresh berries (more…)

Are you feeling your AGE?

Saggy skin

Ever got to the end of a day or a week and felt like this? ¬†Or woken up to find your skin looking like this?! Just quietly, me too. ¬†When my son was about 3 he was sitting in the back of my car with my mum (she would have been in her early 70s) and he asked how people get wrinkles. ¬†We told him it was from having a fun life with lots of laughter, to which he replied out loud while¬†still staring intently at my mother’s face, ‘Wow Grandma! You must have had the best life ever!’ I digress.

I personally am not a crusader of anti-ageing (seen my pics recently?!!) but my recent research into effectively¬†reducing Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) via the diet, to in turn potentially lower both my risk of tuckshop arms AND just about every other disease you can name (cardiometabolic, neurodegenerative, psychiatric, malignant, you name it), got me sitting up and paying attention! (more…)

Seriously..this $%*# is still happening

Milk the word

Setting: Local cafe

Scenario: Run into friends of friends who join us in the sunshine for a cuppa & we’re discussing the finer details of chai (western version V the real streets of Delhi stuff), tumeric lattes etc etc. as you do. ¬†I comment on how unpleasantly strong I found the cow’s milk in those downtown Delhi chais we had when we were there.

50 something man: Oh I LOVE that – I just LOVE cow’s milk. I drink loads of the stuff. ¬†I used to drink 2L a day but now it’s more like 1L a day.

Me: Seriously?

50 something man: ¬†Absolutely. ¬†Then there’s the cheese as well – I would eat at least 1kg of that a week. ¬†But it’s good for my bones, right? ¬†I have that thing, you know, before osteoporosis…brittle bones. (more…)

‘Sup with Zonulin?


Watch the gap! ¬†You know I love a good diagnostic test probably (way!) more than the next person but I am slow to come around when there’s suddenly a ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ that every functional testing company wants to offer you.¬†This is how I felt about serum zonulin testing as marker of intestinal permeability too. In spite of Fasano’s important work, identifying this molecule and its role in the reversible opening of tight junctions in the small intestine – I didn’t embrace the test. ¬† Why not? ¬†Didn’t I love Fasano’s ability to add this piece to the jigsaw that had been missing til now? ¬†Well I did. ¬†Does that make it an accurate and reliable marker of intestinal permeability in every client with any kind of digestive issue…? ¬†Well heck no! ¬†That’s not how science works friends and I suspect we may have really jumped the gun a little on this one. (more…)

Working on the Edge

thin teen

May was the month of¬†teenage girls presenting with severe digestive problems, especially ‘food intolerances’, ¬†leading to avoidance of specific foods¬†and at times significantly reduced food intake overall. ¬†As integrative health practitioners, ¬†validating and creating insight for clients on the nature and source of their food reactions is our bread and butter, right? ¬†Is it wheat? ¬†Dairy? Gluten? FODMAPs? Salicylates? Oxalates? ¬†We are not surprised by how many ‘sick’ patients¬†we see¬†in spite of¬†a theoretically ‘healthy diet’ – healthy for others perhaps but not ¬†for the individual in front of you, right? But what if I told you that each of these teenage girls had a BMI < 18 kg/m2, does¬†that change your opinion about your role? ¬†Would you assess, monitor and manage these teenage girls differently? You should.

Take the example of one of my clients: 14yo female with a BMI 16.3,¬†who had her first confirmed food reaction under 2yo with failure to thrive, which was attributed by a paediatrician & dietitian at the time to severe¬†salicylate sensitivity. ¬†She underwent jejunal biopsy at 3yo for suspected coeliac disease, due to ongoing concerns and a primary relative with CD but it was NAD. ¬†In the 11 years since, there have been a couple of other digestive diagnoses based on solid evidence, such as mainstream stool PCR testing. So surely, the fact that she is underweight & that she skips lunch at school due to digestive discomfort is proportionate and explained by her organic digestive issues. Or is it? (more…)

The Conference Trifecta! This is a Must Watch


Recently, I posted about my very positive experience of the AIMA NZ conference, prior to that I was gabbing on about the upcoming ACNEM Brain Health conference in Melbourne in May and now I am going for the conference hat trick! ¬†I want to revisit a¬†really impacting lecture for me at last year’s Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) conference, delivered by the Emeritus Professor Mark L. Wahlqvist¬†AO, BMedSc, MBBS, MD (Adelaide), MD (Uppsala), on the relationship between ecology and human health.

Why did I find his talk¬†so impacting? ¬†Why should every integrative practitioner take the time to watch this? (more…)

Hey, Weed Lovers

Weed lovers

I know you’re out there. Reading a¬†recent news article¬†I had¬†instant flashbacks of being a young, big-eyed, rosy cheeked naturopathic student of 20+years ago. ¬†While my career since may have taken me in somewhat of a different direction,¬†I know many of my colleagues have stayed true to their¬†roots (both weedy and herbal) and love nothing more than a bit of urban foraging. ¬†Sometimes even sharing their bounty with me, much to my delight.¬†¬†I salute you! (more…)

Bringing Up Teens – Yes, Yes but No


This week I must have spent more than my daily time allocation (5mins) on Facebook and as a result I stumbled across an article I actually read from beginning to finish! ¬†The title called to me, “Bad Parent, Hey Bad Parent”…it works every time right? ¬†Anyway, once I started reading it¬†I thought, no this is useful, we all need that manual that everybody talks about but nobody seems to own and I know this relates to not only the way I am bringing up my teens but I can pass on its pearls to my patients who are parents of teens as well.

My kids have been teens mathematically speaking for 3.5 years now, but I’m pretty certain, the metamorphosis happened just last Tuesday for one and a couple of months prior for the other. (more…)



Ask me to name a lymphatic herb other than Cleavers and Poke Root and I might struggle (sorry Sue!) but some other things stay with us forever.¬†One of my¬†stayers pops into my head every time I eat a carrot. ¬†Every time I make my partner or my kids eat a carrot. ¬†Every time I see those kids in¬†shopping trolleys slurping on those awful yoghurt squeeze pouch thingamabobs and I want to¬†ask their parents…does your child have teeth? ¬†Well when was the last time they ate a carrot?!. ¬†A whole carrot. Yup.

Remember to Chew. (more…)

Somewhere Over the Teenage Rainbow


The other night my 16yo daughter was reading through bits of reading matter that had made it home from the recent ASLM conference – one in particular was all about contrasting dietary guidelines of key western countries and comparing these using a more naturopathic lens. ¬†The materials were glossy, gorgeous in their design and quickly conveyed some basic truths about healthy eating. ¬†The fact that she picked it up and voluntarily read the thing attests to it’s aesthetic! ¬†Anyway, about 2 minutes in she says, “Eat a rainbow of colours!” [snort], “Seriously? ¬†Are you really supposed to do that?!” ¬†Like either these naturopaths have been munching on the wrong kind of mushrooms¬†or, even more outrageous, I had forgotten among my mother duties to mention this quintessential truth…either way she was momentarily taken aback.

Let me just give you some context, unless I’m assuming too much. (more…)

Buckets of Busy Mums


I know my busy mum patients think I am probably not to be taken literally¬†when I say, ‘Cook buckets of extras every time you step foot inside the kitchen’, but I am. ¬†My slow cooker and my ‘buckets’ are two of my favourite kitchen resources I couldn’t live without. ¬†Check out my fridge. ¬†These ‘buckets’ can keep a family of up to 6 or 7 (yes my family size changes at each meal) going for almost a week. There are additional buckets of main meals (soups, slow cooks, curries) waiting in the wings in¬†our¬†freezer for when the shelves start to look bare.

Our ‘buckets’ mean that our kids, who don’t really ‘do’ snacks or a lot of (ab)normal processed foods, can¬†see the menu for breakfast (yes, their absolute favourite breakfast is soup), self-serve leftover options to take to school and¬†satiate themselves during the after school feeding frenzy! Gold. (more…)

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